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My name is Anita Broda and I’m a passionate photographer based in Doetinchem (Netherlands). I’m also a contented wife and mother of two beautiful children.

I was born in Poland, which I left in 2001 for love and adventure. I love to travel, meet new people and keep busy.

My passion for photography began years ago, when I used to travel a lot. I still have plenty of photos from places such as India, Nepal and Mexico… but my real passion for photography began when my daughter Milena was born, and I discovered a whole new dimension to my life. And since owning a digital camera, I cannot imagine life without one anymore!

I created Fotokadabra to capture life’s most amazing moments in images that people find truly memorable. Whether out on location or inside my home-studio, I’m always looking for new ways to “wow” you with my unique style and new techniques. I want to create images that make you feel something. I put my heart into every shoot I do.

My motto is ‘Life will be different tomorrow so make sure you remember today’.